Friday, May 4, 2012

120429 SS4 Jakarta

Sunday, April 29th 2012
Aaaaa today is the best day ever <3333.. Finally one of my biggest dream is happened, to meet my SUPERSUPERMAN!!!! I can’t believe that our distance is that really close, oh my God <’’’3333… I woke up really in the morning and pray Shubuh, I prayed to God I wish I couldn’t face any hard obstacle and bad things to meet my superman. I was waking Dyane up and asked her to have breakfast together. Finally we ate bubur ayam, but I still couldn’t like the food, it is not proper in my mouth I though hehe XP…
I went to Ancol by busway and in halte Senen there were many ELF who also will go to Ancol. The busway was long enough to come, but I still very excited because today is the most special day in my life. Finally the busway came and I took the seat in the middle side of the bus. In front of me, there are four ELF who looked very excited too to go to the concert. The trip took about 30 minutes to the final halte at Ancol dream park. Then I bought the entrance ticket, coincidencely the ticket seller was still just not too crowded, and I hurry headed to the wara wiri bus halte. But the bus was very long to come, and some taxi driver and ojek driver told us that the bus maybe was trapped in the traffic jam. And I decided to take a taxi to go to ABC Mall.
But the taxi driver was kept scolding and peevish to me, I don’t like his way of the treat his customer like that. He used to more appreciate and commanding to any customer, it is a very bad way and just make the customers can’t hold on anymore then will go out from the car as soon as possible as I did this morning. I was very worried whether I will  late and exactly I have been late at that time. Dina texted me while I walked from Carnaval beach to MEIS that the queueing have been very crowded. I’m scared I will get the back front in my section later. Finally I reached K-Pop land and asked some people where the TWELFS and Sujunesia booth placed, and I found a very very long queueing not far from I’m standing, oh my Go it was insane dude!!!!!.
I was standing to wait for the ticket in my hand was about almost one hour more. And finally someone shooted Padang Padang, then I asked why?? Some people there answered me that Padang Elf is allowed to enter the booth to pick up the tickets, Alhamdulillah ya Allah!!! :D ^^^^^. But apparently I just got Super fest H while I’m so hoping to get Super Box section LL. But I’m still grateful because it fixed I will meet my boyfriends soon <33333. We queued on the beach sand, omo it just was weird hahaha. I met two new friends while I’m queueing to enter the gate, they’re stand behind me, they both are Kak Ria and Cindy. They both are very nice and funny, we were just laughed and make jokes about suju oppa mostly while waiting for entering the gate ~~XD…
And finally I have been in venue after the longing waiting, and my pocket camera exactly was safe ~kk ^^. While we waiting for our Superman, the Super Junior songs played by the staff and we spontantly sing along together, it was one the sweet moment also for me. Song For You is the best song played ever at that time, because it describes how we love oppa-deul loadsss. My section became more crowded minute by minute, and I began difficult to move even to breath was so hard, oh my God I didn’t want to collapse during the show, I wanted to see them until the show finished.
We waited for more than one hour, then I decided to go backward the line, I just can’t stand anymore. Many people complained about how crowded the section. And in the back row, I felt relieved because the space is enough to move and maybe jump off, woohooooo… Okay, then next few minutes so many people kept coming and I moved to the corner, near of the section gates. Many crew stood around there. And I talked a little with the crew behind me, I just asked them both about how mess the seat and standing system. And they both honestly answered that the ticket system actually is very bad and full of the knavery.
Some people around me then asked me to protest asking moved into Super Box section. Our section has been crazy full of people. But there were just a few of us who success got move into Super Box. Hhuhuhu.. Then suddenly the opening video of Super Show started playing, so our mass just scattered by itself hahaha. As a fangirl we screamed very out loud as our superman appeared in the video one by one, and when my bias Sungmin appeared my scream was just two times increased than before, hahahha XDDDD~~~…
And after the video was end, Superman intro just boomed out and we screamed again very very loud, okay for the people who are unusual to hear a very loud scream from girls mouth, you better go away from us, haha. Then our superman appeared from the bottom in front of the biggest scream, I tried to see them straight from their position not through the big screen in front of me, I didn’t satisfied whether I couldn’t see them real in my eyes. Whoaaa they were really gorgeous, really tall and have a bright skin, PERFECTO!!!!!. Their choreographer was awesome and their dancing skill was can not undibutable anymore, whoaaaaaa they are my idol, my biggest inspiration.
After Superman, some main performance from them still awesome with outstanding outfits and choreographer, there are Opera, Don’t Don, A Man In Love, etc. ELF cohesively shouted any fanchant well, well done ELF INA! We are Daebak!!! ^^^^.. Then Walking performance that was very funny, there were some members who cycling, act like a circus actor, Shindong oppa who drove a cute plane, then Yesung and Kyu oppa who were catched by group of birds ~kkkk :’’DDD.. My stamina hasn’t decreased much, I still was enthusiastic until the end of the show, because I felt I’m I wonderland then haha XP~~~…
When members started to go around the stage and some of them, yeah I’m still very remember that the first member who come near to me was Yesung oppa when You are my Endless Love’s performance maybe, I couldn’t remember enough, then Ryeowook oppa when Don’t Don, then Kyu oppa who often to come near my section. Aaaa I still remember his sincerely smile, very very handsome <3333.. And of course my number one bias LEE SUNGMIN !!!! he came near to me and I can’t stop shout saranghae to him, I even couldn’t handle my camera I just signed love sign to him then shouted SARANGHAE!!!! Hehehe it was the first time I told love seriously with a boy, ~kkkk ^^. Eunhyuk oppa when his solo performance was very cool with his simple outfits and outstanding gold accessories, his solo songs  was very cool, and in the middle of his performance, he told that was more handsome than Indonesian celebrities like Dimas, Rio, Darius, and Mike Lewis, hohoho all of them are FTV actors, I thought Oppa watched FTV when he is in the hotel ~kk ^^.
Pic will be updated later yaaa ! ^^

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Letter to Our Super Men

After the “Our Star’s Defence Team” activity held by the Korean Music Copyright Association, our team emerged 1st place :D ‘I am responsible for protecting the singer I love’. With this as our slogan, we will work hard to protect the various copyrights of Super Junior! By becoming one heart together with overseas ELF, we worked hard to protect Super Junior’s copyrights! And the result of that is… 1st place!! ^___^ Because it was work that we did for oppas, we wanted to give you this medal for remembrance ♥
Our team name is CPSB. Copyright Protection of Pearl Sapphire Blue. :D
In future we will continue to support you always, and become your pillar of supports from behind! Please be healthy always~ Fighting for the world tour! Even when the whole world is covered with pearl sapphire blue, our love will not stop!! We love you :D
From. E.L.F.”

Translated from E.L.F’s letter
in Sungmin’s tweet
by AllRiseXiahtic ♥ PS E.L.F. 사랑해~
Shared at by: reneee

Monday, March 5, 2012

Kyumin Shipper

MEME | kyumin | not just a walk in the park

The first time I laid my eyes on you, I knew I was in for the scariest roller coaster ride of my life.
Why roller coaster, you might ask.
Just like a roller coaster ride, loving you has had its ups and downs, spirals and circles, sudden bends and forks.
Quite arguable though - roller coaster rides never really made me feel like I was dying inside.
Nauseous, dizzy, faint, even - yes. The pain, however, was something quite distinctive of you and you alone.
I’ve always thought that you were just some kind of a phase in my life - something I’d get over of soon enough.
Boy was it so wrong of me to think so.
With you, I confuse dreams with reality.
That unique smile you have reserved only for me may be platonic but I can’t help but think otherwise.
How you lean on my shoulder and no one else’s definitely means something, right?
I guess I’m delusional when I thought that the way your hand lingers on mine might be something romantic at the least.
When you said that you loved me, I knew you meant it in a friendly way - that doesn’t mean I didn’t hope though.
It made me feel that I was important to you just as you are to me.
Words are something you throw quite casually and I of all people should know that you probably didn’t mean them in a special way.
To you, it may not be, but it meant the world to me.
You are far from perfect - I know this much.
Then again, perfect isn’t really what I was looking for.
Perfect, after all, only existed in the realm of Mr. Webster’s world - just like how you and I only existed in my dreams.
You’re not perfect. But you are perfect for me.
You are everything I’ve ever dreamt of having - perhaps, more.
She is everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Nothing more.
It’s only a dream - yet it’s not.
I want to wake up - but I’m already awake.

MEME | kyumin | acceptance

I guess I was never really in love with you.
I was probably in love with the idea of having you.
The untainted image of you embedded in my heart doesn’t seem to be all that pristine anymore.
But then again, it doesn’t make the pain hurt any less.
If possible, it made it worse.
Worse in the sense that none of what I believed to be was real.
With the realization comes the pain - not that sharp, stabbing quality it once used to be.
Just a numb feeling that constantly reminds me of promises not kept and shattered dreams - nagging at my insides, haunting me with life’s regrets.
Acceptance is what I need right now.
Acceptance is what I long for.
To accept that you and I are a thing of the past is what I aim to do.
Acceptance that what matters is what’s here and now - not the vague recall of memories long forgotten - memories that doesn’t seem to be of much importance anymore. To you, at least.
Acceptance is such an elusive thing.
You are there - but not really.
So near, yet so far.
Acceptance is what I’m striving for.
Acceptance is somewhere near my grasp.
Acceptance is something I thought I could achieve if I set my mind to it.
Then I see you smile that smile of yours which never fails to make my heart skip a beat.
The smile that used to be for me - only this time, you were looking at a completely different direction.
And the world goes crumbling down once again.
All efforts of letting go and moving on going down the drain together with the broken pieces of my heart.
Acceptance is somewhere I’m no near of having.
Then the cycle repeats itself.
I realize that yes, indeed I was not in love with you - because I still am.

Friday, March 2, 2012

PGF :)

Haii for all, salam ilmiah....
UKM Penalaran Univ. Andalas proudly Present ^^
Penaralan Green Festival (PGF) 2012

Suatu acara yang terdiri dari 5 rangkaian kegiatan:
1. Seminar nasional dengan tema "Green is the Best Investor for the future"
2. Lomba Karya Ilmiah Mahasiswa se-Indonesia dengan tema "Jangan Panggil Aku Sampah"
3. Lomba karya Ilmiah Remaja tingkat SMA se-Sumbar dengan tema "Recycle"
4. Lomba Mading tingkat SMA se-Sumbar dengan tema "Recycle, Reus, dan Reduce"
5. Workshop PKM DIKTI 2012 dengan tema "Unand Menuju PKM Dikti 2012"

Lomba Karya Ilmiah Mahasiswa (KIM) ini merupakan salah satu kegiatan dari rangkaian acara PGF 2012. KIM berupa Tulisan Ilmiah yang di kongritkan dalam bentuk desain, model/barang dan sejenisnya yang kreatif dan inovatif. Event ini nantinya boleh diikuti oleh seluruh Mahasiswa se-Indonesia, dimana 10 finalis yang terpilih akan di undang ke Universitas Andalas untuk show project dan mempresentasikan hasil karya tulis.

10 finalis akan mendapatkan Piagam+Sertifikat+tiket seminar nasional+tour kota wisata Bukittinggi dan Tiga karya ilmiah terbaik sebagai juara I, II, III akan mendapatkan penghargaan piala dan uang tunai sebagai berikut:
Juara I : Rp 5.000.000,00
Juara II : Rp 4.000.000,00
Juara III : Rp

dari tanggal 13-21 April 2012
di auditorium dan PKM lt.1 Univ. Andalas


1. Fera Suciati (0877 9218 3228)
2. Robby Prakoso (085669122423)

Ditunggu partisipasinya^_^
for further information